Freeze-Drying Breast Milk Is Good for Mamas & Their Babies

What exactly is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying breast milk is a process that removes water from milk to create a powder that can be stored for long periods of time - up to three years! This process offers many benefits for breastfeeding mamas who want to stockpile their breastmilk for future use and preserve its nutrients for their babies.

More storage options

First and foremost, freeze-drying breastmilk makes it much easier to store and transport. Powder from freeze-dried breast milk takes up far less space than liquid breast milk. No more over-packed freezers and a lot less packing when transporting to daycare or work. Plus, the powder is sealed in a container, so it’s less likely to leak or spill than liquid breast milk.

Another benefit of freeze-drying breastmilk is that it significantly extends its shelf life. Fresh breastmilk can typically be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days or in the freezer for up to six months. Depending on storage conditions, you can store freeze-dried breastmilk for up to two years or more. It's an excellent option for mamas who want to build up a breast milk stash for their babies.

Improves nutritional value

When breastmilk is frozen, ice crystals form. They can damage your milk's proteins, enzymes, and other important components. Freeze drying preserves your milk's nutritional value because it removes water from the milk without exposing it to high heat or pressure. When you reconstitute the powder with water, your baby gets all the same nutrients and benefits that they would from fresh breast milk.

Saves your stash

You've pumped and now have extra breast milk about to expire. Crying over spilled milk is a real thing for breastfeeding mamas. But you can save that breast milk by freeze-drying it before it expires, and it’ll be shelf stable for up to three years. Freeze-drying breastmilk can be a lifesaver for mamas who have to pump and store their milk due to travel or have to be away from their babies for an extended period.

Easier feeding with better tasting milk

Freeze-drying your breast milk is also an excellent option for mamas struggling with high lipase. Its effects usually only occur in frozen breast milk. High lipase content can have an unpleasant taste and odor in thawed milk. Freeze drying does not remove the lipase but basically stops the clock. If you have high lipase, the sooner you freeze-dry, the better!

Freeze-drying breastmilk is an excellent option for breastfeeding mamas who want to store and transport their milk easily, extend its shelf life, preserve its nutritional value, and supplement their baby's feeding. 

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