Rehydration & Storage


  • Start with a sterilized bottle. Do not use a pouch of freeze-dried milk whose expiration date has passed.
  • Add warm purified water to the bottle in the ounce amount noted on the pouch.
  • Pour the milk powder in the pouch into the bottle and close it.
  • Mix the milk thoroughly by swirling until any clumps are gone.
  • Feed the baby within 2 hours of preparation. Throw out any leftover milk after feeding.
  • Never freeze rehydrated milk.



    • Keep unopened sealed pouches in a cool, dry place at room temperature.
    • Reseal and refrigerate opened pouches. Discard any unused powder after 3 days.

    • Freshly prepared rehydrated milk may be immediately refrigerated for 24 hours.


Powdered breast milk is not sterile and not adequate for premature infants. For infants with immunological conditions, please consult your baby’s doctor.

Do not microwave the pouch.