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Single-Use Pouches

Single-Use Pouches

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Choose the package size closest to the amount of breast milk you would like to freeze dry.

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  • Preserve Nutritional Value
  • Travel Friendly
  • Fewer Lost Stashes

Product Description

No matter where you’re located in the U.S., Milk by Mom can freeze-dry your breast milk!

Select the size closest to the volume of milk you need freeze-dried. If you’re unsure, always size up. We’ll only charge you for the actual amount of frozen milk we receive after it’s weighed at our facility.

Once you place your order, we’ll ship a kit out right away for your frozen breast milk. Carefully follow the instructions in your kit and ship it right back to us for freeze drying. You’ll get your precious milk back to you as powder and ready for your baby!

Assembly Instructions

Shipping Information

Starter Stash: 30-40 oz
- Shipping ranges an additional $60-$80 per order.

Stashed for Days: 100-120 oz
- Shipping ranges an additional $75-$125 per order.

Oh My Stash: 150-180 oz
- Shipping ranges an additional $85-$150 per order.

Super Stash: 200-250 oz
- Shipping ranges an additional $95-$165 per order.

Epic Stash: 270-300 oz
- Shipping ranges an additional $145-$220 per order.

Glorious Stash: up to 400 oz
- Shipping ranges an additional $170-$275 per order.

Holy Moly Stash: up to 500 oz
- Shipping ranges an additional $220-$320 per order.

Custom Order
- Email us to get a quote for a custom order.

Note: shipping charges may vary for orders shipping to/from Alaska and Hawaii. Adjustments will be reflected on the final invoice.


How long does the process take?

10 business days for orders under 300 oz. 15-20 business days for orders 350+ oz.

Type of breast milk storage bags accepted

All types of bags are accepted. Bottles plastic or glass are not.

How does Freeze drying help with high lipase?

Freeze drying will help to reduce the enzyme activity and make the taste and smell milder. Freeze drying your milk may help your baby accept your milk if they are refusing to drink regularly thawed milk.

How can I be sure I get my own milk back?

At Milk By Mom, we follow a strict sterile process when handling your breast milk. We carefully inspect, document, and label your milk as soon as it arrives, and store your milk in a dedicated labeled bin until we are ready to process it. We only work on ONE mama's milk at a time and clean all surfaces and equipment thoroughly in between batches. No momma’s milk will ever touch another’s. This helps to avoid any cross contaminations and also ensure that YOU will get back your milk.

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