Our Services

Our Services

We provide breast milk freeze-drying services in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and across the U.S. via shipping. Schedule a time to drop off your breast milk at our facility or have us pick it up for you. Not local? We’ll ship you a kit with everything you need to send us your frozen breast milk. Then, we will freeze dry your breast milk and ship it back to you ready to use!

Once we receive your frozen breast milk, we remove the water through a process called sublimation. Sublimation preserves the nutritional quality of your breast milk better than standard dehydration. Through this process, we convert your breast milk to powder using our freeze-drying chambers, next we put your powdered breast milk in mylar pouches in 4, 5, or 6 oz, vacuum seal them, and then it’s ready for you to pick up or be sent back to you.

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Learn more about the sterile process we carefully follow when handling your breast milk.

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Freeze drying delivers convenience, preserves the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic components of your breast milk, and more! Find out if it’s right for you.

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Milk by Mom is a company created by a mom like you. Learn why we want to provide an alternative option to help breastfeeding moms and caregivers.

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