• Preserve Nutritional Value

  • Improve Taste
    (by deactivating lipase)

  • Travel Friendly

  • Shelf Stable

  • Fewer Lost Stashes

  • Convenient!

Freedom, Flexibility & Peace of Mind

Freeze-drying preserves the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic components of your breast milk. Not only does freeze dried breast milk offer nutrition benefits, it gives you convenience by delivering flexibility and peace of mind – and a three year shelf life.

When you freeze-dry, you don’t risk wasting your breast milk or battling with freezer space. And whether you have to return to work while you’re breastfeeding, navigate TSA and travel, or have a supply available for other caregivers, your nutritionally dense breast milk is available!

The Benefits of Freeze-Drying

Our Process


Your breast milk is frozen at a very low temperature (below 40 degrees Fahrenheit).


Reduced pressure within the freeze-drying chamber creates a deep vacuum.


Adding a small amount of heat removes the water from the frozen milk turning the ice into water vapor.


Breast milk powder is vacuum-sealed in a mylar bag to protect it from moisture, oxygen, UV, and contamination.

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  • 100s of ounces of frozen milk would've otherwise gone bad.

    "My baby started refusing bottles early on but I was still freezing a small amount of milk here and there, which led to 100s of ounces of frozen milk that would have otherwise gone bad. I am so grateful for the shelf life of my freeze-dried milk, because I am now able to mix it with purees and eventually give to my daughter in sippy/straw cups. Tirza is so sweet and great to work with, and the process was quick and straightforward each time. Definitely recommend!"
    -Michelle B.

  • I was able to save so much freezer space.

    “I'm so grateful to have found milk by mom! Tirza and team were wonderful to work with and kept me informed during the entire process. I was able to save so much freezer space and now have the convenience of carrying around packs of breastmilk without worrying about defrosting frozen milk every time I need it! I wish I knew about this with my first baby. Thank you thank you thank you for this amazing service!!”
    -Jessica Y.

  • 10/10 recommend Milk by Mom!

    “I was so excited to hear about the breast milk freeze drying service after having my third baby. It’s amazing to be able to preserve nutrients, free up freezer space, and bring more convenience to feeding breast milk for other caregivers. I was nervous at first to pack up and ship away so much of my hard earned stash, but the frequent communication from Milk by Mom was so reassuring. I sent another shipment soon after! 10/10 recommend Milk by Mom!”
    -Kate M.

  • Our trip would not have been possible without Milk by Mom.

    “Our trip simply would not have been possible without Milk by Mom. I had half my stash processed to take with me and the other half delivered at our rental. When we were out during the day, I'd throw a couple of packets in my bag with some bottled water and easily fed my baby on the go. I never had to use a single ounce of formula and had a stress-free feeding summer. I only wish I had Milk by Mom with my first!”
    -Emily C.

  • One of the best postpartum decisions I made.

    “Milk by Mom was one of the best postpartum decisions I made. I was fortunate to have an oversupply, but I didn’t have space in my already full freezer. Milk by Mom came to my rescue completing my order within a week. Now I don't stress about my milk expiring, my husband can feed my baby when needed, and I carry the packets anywhere without concern for a cooler and a portable bottle warmer. I just mix the powder with room-temperature water; my baby has never known the difference. I 10/10 recommend Milk by Mom to every one of my nursing friends and family!”
    -Courtney N.

  • I loved working with Milk by Mom to have my breast milk freeze dried!

    “I loved working with Milk by Mom to have my breast milk freeze dried! The communication and professionalism throughout the process to know what was going on with my milk was excellent and made me feel at ease. I've now traveled by plane and camped with our freeze dried milk, and it has made things so much easier for me and my baby. My little one sucked it right down too! The 3 year shelf life is also amazing so I do not have to worry about my freezer stash taking up space, losing nutritional value, or something happening to it! I would hands down recommend freeze drying your breast milk with Milk by Mom to anyone!!”
    -Deanna H.

  • There are so many benefits for my family.

    “I was so excited to learn about Milk by Mom and the ability to preserve my milk for up to 3 years. There are so many benefits for my family — knowing my milk will be stored and given to my baby properly since I am a full time working mom, and the ability to continue to use breastmilk as a supplement for both of my children.

    Tirza and her team made the whole process so easy. The packaging is really cute and has all the instructions and information. It is easy for anyone to pick up a packet and use it without having any questions. Most importantly, my baby doesn’t even notice the difference!”
    -Jeanette M.

  • One of the best decisions I've made as a mom. It's so handy!

    “Getting a freezer "stash" is no easy feat. It takes work and room in your freezer. I'm so happy to see all that hard work in a convenient little package and get my freezer space back. It’s such a comfort to know that if my husband or a caregiver is watching my baby boy, he can still get my milk with the convenience of formula. Bonus: it's shelf stable for THREE years (vs six months in the freezer) so we can use it to help fortify foods down the road as well. Love this service.”
    -Stephanie G.

  • No difference from fresh or frozen milk.

    “Milk by Mom is an amazing service! I have freeze dried over 200+ ounces so far and my baby loves it - absolutely no difference from fresh or frozen breast milk. It saves us so much space in our freezer and lasts a lot longer too. I’m going to be able to stop breastfeeding at 9 months, but continue to provide my son with my breast milk for a year or more. So glad I discovered Milk by Mom!”
    -Megan M.

  • Phenomenal customer service.

    “Absolute heroes! This company has phenomenal customer service and the owner is the kindest woman I have ever spoken with. She walked me through my entire order and helped me every step of the way. She rushed my order because my milk was expiring and I got it back in a week. The best part was my baby will actually drink it! (He refused my freezer milk). This company is cheaper than every other one that does the same thing (I priced them all), but even if they weren’t, I would still use them. They are unmatched for customer service and skill. Everything they did was beautifully done and if I ever need milk preserved again I will be using them.”
    -McKenzie E.

  • I was running out of freezer space.

    “I pumped about 662 ounces in 3 months and was running out of freezer space. I’m so glad I found Milk by Mom. Everything comes so nicely packaged, and I was able to bring everything with me and my family as we moved overseas. I own a business, so the ease of the powder is so great for my family. Plus it lasts 3 years versus 6 years in a freezer taking up space. Highly recommend for all the mommies out there!”
    -Kirsti A.

  • Now I have my milk on hand if we need it.

    “I have taken multiple batches of milk into Milk By Mom, the staff are so sweet and answered all my curiosities. The pricing is reasonable compared to purchasing formula and I feel much safer with the milk safe in my pantry. The packaging it comes back in is super cute and diaper bag friendly. I always end up dehydrated in the parks and worry about loosing supply those days. Now I have my milk on hand if we need it and don't have to worry about wasting it if we don't. I've left packages with all our relatives in case I ever need them in an emergency or they have to pick up baby unexpectedly now there's milk everywhere.”
    -Krysta R.

  • Highly recommend to any mom searching for a company to freeze dry her breastmilk.

    “I have taken multiple batches of milk into Milk by mom and it’s the best. The convenience, return of freezer space, and peace of mind knowing my child is still getting all of the benefits of breast milk cannot be beat. The staff is so helpful and friendly, and the quick turnaround time between drop off and pickup is amazing. I highly recommend to any mom searching for a company to freeze dry her breastmilk.”

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