One of the best postpartum decisions I made.

A lot of times, our customers say it best! After Courtney used Milk by Mom to freeze dry her breast milk, she shared her experience with us.

Having my breastmilk freeze-dried through Milk by Mom was one of the best postpartum decisions I made. I was fortunate enough to have an oversupply, but eventually ran into the problem of freezer storage a few months into my baby's life. My freezer was full and I didn't have space for a deep freezer to store the extra supply. Tirza from Milk by Mom came to my rescue and freeze-dried a portion of my milk, opening up more freezer space for me to continue saving my excess milk. She accepted and completed my order within one week's time, merely weeks before her second baby was due. What I thought was a solution to my milk storage problem turned into one of the most convenient ways to preserve my breastmilk.

I received small, easy-to-use packets with instructions individually labeled that are shelf-stable for years. This absolutely beats the breast milk lifespan of six months in the freezer. With these packets, I don't stress about my breast milk expiring, my husband or other family members can feed my baby when I'm not around, and I can carry the packets in the diaper bag without needing to concern myself with refrigerated breast milk in a cooler and a portable bottle warmer. I just pour the powder into a bottle and mix it with room-temperature water; my baby has never known the difference.

It's one of the best concepts out there for nursing moms and more women need to utilize this system. Hands down the most convenient and efficient process by a woman-owned company that epitomizes customer service and quality. I would 10/10 recommend Milk by Mom to every single one of my nursing friends and family.

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