Why Freeze Dry

Why Freeze Dry?

  • Preserve Nutritional Value

  • Improve Taste
    (by deactivating lipase)

  • Travel Friendly

  • Shelf Stable

  • Fewer Lost Stashes

  • Convenient!

Freeze-drying preserves the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic components of your breast milk according to scientific, evidence-based research on the long-term preservation of nutrients, enzymes, and antibodies in freeze dried breast milk.

Lipase can cause soapy or sour tasting breast milk. This can lead to babies refusing frozen breast milk. Freeze-drying inactivates the lipase enzyme that stays active during regular freezing storage, potentially reducing this problem for breast feeding moms.

Not only does freeze dried breast milk offer nutrition benefits, it gives you convenience by delivering flexibility and peace of mind – and a much longer window for use with a three year shelf life versus traditional freezing. When you freeze-dry, you don’t risk wasting your breast milk or battling with freezer space. And whether you have to return to work while you’re breastfeeding, navigate TSA and travel, or have a supply available for other caregivers, your nutritionally dense breast milk is available!

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Shelf life estimates provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Research finds that nutrients and antibodies are preserved during freeze drying.

Research finds regular freezing impacts the nutritional content of human milk and decreases protein and caloric content over time.

Cost estimates based on Milk by Mom pricing and price of Enfamil on Amazon.

  • has been studied for decades and used by milk banks worldwide.
  • preserves antibodies and 97% of nutrients and maintains overall caloric density.
  • can improve the taste of your milk by deactivating the lipase enzymes.
  • delivers convenience by turning your frozen milk into powder!