So many benefits for my family!

I was so excited to learn about Milk by Mom and have the ability to preserve my milk for up to three years. There are just so many benefits for my family it is hard to mention them all. The return of freezer space, the convenience and peace of mind of knowing my milk will be stored and given to my baby properly since I am a full time working mom, and the ability to continue to use breastmilk as a supplement for both of my children when they aren’t feeling well.

The process was so easy and Tirza and her team communicated through the whole process. They were quick to answer any questions. Also, the packaging is really cute but also has all the instructions and information on there so it is easy for anyone to pick up a packet and use it without having any questions! Most importantly, my baby doesn’t even notice the difference if the milk was frozen or freeze dried once it is back to liquid form!

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