Milk by Mom Made Our Summer Trip Possible

A lot of times, our customers say it best! After Emily used Milk by Mom to freeze dry her breast milk, she shared her experience with us.

Milk by Mom saved me and my baby during a long stretch of travel! I struggle with milk supply with my babies and I was having to supplement my littlest one at the time with donor milk. Planning to be away for an entire summer traveling, I was so stressed about how I would travel with the large amount of ounces I needed, or where I would get milk for my baby in transit.

Our trip simply would not have been possible without Milk by Mom. I obtained several hundred ounces before leaving and had half of my stash processed to take with me and the other half delivered at our rental when I was ready for it. The milk came in small, light packets making it easy to pack in a suitcase (and inexpensive to ship!). When we were out during the day, I’d throw a couple of packets in my bag with some bottled water and was easily able to feed my baby on the go. I never had to feed my baby a single ounce of formula and had a stress-free feeding summer. I only wish I had Milk by Mom with my first!

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