Packing Instructions

Read before you begin packing your cooler.

 Let’s get your liquid gold freeze-dried. But first, please take a few minutes to read the important notes below. They'll help you have the best experience getting your precious milk back to you as powder and ready for your baby. It's time to get excited!


  • Keep the outer cardboard shipping box. You need it to ship your liquid breast milk to us. Leave the white box (the Nanocool insulated shipper) inside the outer cardboard shipping box. You will ship your liquid breast milk to us in the same box setup that arrived at your door.
  • Be careful when opening the shipper. Be sure not to damage the cooler walls or lid. The specially insulated panels and lid of this cooler are vacuum sealed. To work properly they must not be punctured, ripped, or torn in any way. If there is any damage to the exterior box or the insulated shipper inside, report it to us immediately before using the package to ship your milk.
  • Your milk must be completely frozen solid before you pack it into this insulated shipper. Pack your insulated shipper immediately before shipping. This cooler will keep your frozen milk frozen for up to three (3) days, but to ensure a successful shipping experience, your milk must be frozen solid when packed and shipped as soon as possible after packing.
  • DO NOT SHIP ON FRIDAYS! Plan to ship Monday through Wednesday to avoid potential shipping delays or weekend delivery complications. We track every shipment while in the air, and you will also receive a tracking update from FedEx.
  • Please pack your order and ship it to us within one (1) week of receiving the insulated shipper. If we don’t receive your shipment within 15 days, we will cancel your order. In this case, we will refund you for the cost of service less the cost of the insulated shipper and restocking fee.
    • If you can't ship within one (1) week of receiving the package please contact us so we can make alternate arrangements.

Packing Your Cooler

  • Release the Velcro strap around the white insulated shipper. Do not cut or remove the strap.
  • Remove the lid from the cooler. Do not remove or alter the cardboard liner in place. Make sure none of the side panels in the cooler have fallen or been damaged during transit. Report any damages to us and we will immediately ship you a new cooler.
  • Open the plastic bag liner we provided and place it inside the cooler.
  • Pack your bags of frozen milk into the liner while in the cooler. Pack as many bags as will comfortably fit but be careful not to overfill the cooler. The lid must sit flush on top of the cooler.
  • Use the name tag we provided to close the top of your bag liner.
  • Place the lid back on top of the cooler. Make sure the cooler lid sits flush on top of the cooler.
  • Close the flaps on the white insulated shipper box and secure it with Velcro strap. The strap will ensure your lid stays on during shipping. Do not use tape on the shipping cooler.
  • Close the flaps of the outer cardboard shipping box and use packing tape to secure it closed.
  • Attach the return shipping label we provided to the outside of the cardboard box covering the old shipping label.
  • Drop off your box at the nearest FedEx location or schedule a pick-up on the FedEx website by providing the tracking number on your return shipping label. Ship Monday through Wednesday to avoid any potential weekend shipping delays.
  • As soon as we receive your order, we will email you a confirmation of receipt and note that it passes quality control (still frozen and no visible rips/tears/leaks).

Video instructions on how to pack your cooler for shipping to Milk by Mom.