Hey mamas! I’m Tirza — a mom here to help empower breastfeeding mothers.

As a mom of two with a full-time job, I know how fleeting, exhausting, blissful, and challenging — all the feels — it can be. I want to help mamas navigate motherhood while removing some of the barriers we face daily.

I was a new mom about to fly across the country with my baby when I discovered the option to freeze-dry my breast milk. When my daughter was roughly 10 months, I decided to take her to the East Coast to meet my family - she was born during COVID - and stay for three weeks, working there from a local office. I was travelling alone with a baby for the first time, so I was trying to go with just the essentials and did not want to travel with my pump. But I didn’t know how to manage bringing a three-week supply of milk with me so that my mom could feed her while I worked. After hours of research, I found a company that offered breast milk freeze-drying. After looking more into it I learned it was safe, effective, and the answer to my problem! I was relieved but also surprised that I had never heard about this option before.

After using freeze-dried breast milk to navigate TSA, I found so many other benefits. For one, I finally had my freezer space back! It also was SO convenient. I could prepare a bottle in seconds and didn’t have to worry about coolers when out and about, or about caregivers properly thawing/preparing my milk when I was away from my daughter. It gave me flexibility and comfort knowing I could give my daughter all the goodness of my breast milk without the hassle.

I do a lot of research before taking big (and small) steps in life, like buying a house, starting a business, or having a baby. I looked carefully into the freeze-drying option before I tried it with my first. I was confident in the process because I found scientific, evidence-based research on the long-term preservation of nutrients, enzymes, and antibodies in freeze-dried breast milk. It also helped to know milk banks have used this process for decades, so I felt like it was not just a great option for me but a safe and healthy option for my baby.

By expanding this service to more breastfeeding mamas and sharing my experience, my goal is to bring awareness and deliver a little more convenience and flexibility during mamas’ breastfeeding journeys.

I’m grateful every day for my girls and family, all our health, and the support network that helped me start Milk by Mom.

Just like all of you, I’m more than a mom. I love wine, chocolate, traveling, being active, and dancing - of course, I am a Latina! I met my husband on a dating app, and I share a name with my first daughter.

I would love to get to know you too. So say hi here, on Instagram or Facebook, or just reach out!


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