Milk by Mom Just Turned One!

Milk by Mom turned 1 in January 2024! Thank you to all the mamas who trusted and supported us with your liquid gold. This past year has been one of tremendous growth with beautiful moments of success and encouragement and other moments of challenge and sacrifice. You'd think we were talking about motherhood.

To say this year has been incredible would be an understatement! It's a privilege to support mamas in their breastfeeding journeys and to be a catalyst in the movement to modernize how we breastfeed babies. It's not something we take lightly. We have so much in store for 2024 that we can't wait to share with you.

And an extra thank you to our mamas who joined us in commemorating this milestone with #MomentsPreserved, heartwarming stories that capture the essence of a year filled with love and dedication.

Our #MomentsPreserved Highlights!

“I am so grateful to have found Milk by Mom and the convenience of using freeze-dried breast milk. I was also were able to donate about 40 ounces of freeze-dried breast milk to a local mom and need and without your services that wouldn't have been possible. There is just nothing more convenient than being able to ship the breast milk. Travel with it in a carry on. Travel with it in a checked bag. The shelf life is incredible…” -Jalen D.

“Milk by Mom, thank you! You truly saved my sanity and my freezer space. When we traveled, you were my go to, when I was sick, you were my go to. The freeze-dried breast milk product that you were able to produce and supply for me really extended breastfeeding journey, which was one of the greatest gifts that I probably could ask for and received during my postpartum experience. Thank you for what you're doing for moms and our breastfeeding and nursing journeys.” -Courtney N.

“My favorite thing about using Milk by Mom was the convenience of being a breastfeeding mom and still be able to go out in public to leave your baby at home. It’s an absolute game changer!” -Kristen H.

“Another big thank you to you for making my postpartum like so much easier. I got to do a ton of traveling because of Milk by Mom and you made it so much easier to feed my baby. In fact, I might even think about having another baby just to use your service again!” -Emily H.

“We're so grateful for Milk by Mom and thankful for the game changer that you were for our breastfeeding journey.” -Jeannette

“I'm so glad I found your service because it was so helpful for my family. I experienced a lot of travel and needed my breast milk for a big move. So I don't know what I would have done without Milk by Mom.” -Kirstie N.

“Thank you so much for making it easier for me to send my baby boy off for the caretaker. Knowing that he has the nutrition he needs directly, in a convenient little package means I don't have to worry about it when I'm at work.” -Stephanie W.

Milk by Mom wouldn't be what it is without the incredible team we have behind it 💗 We wanted to show off the beautiful women that are an integral piece of the journey in celebration of our birthday!
~ Tirza Jova - Founder & CEO
~ Melanie Jacobson - Chief Medical Officer
~ Gisselle Cortes - Office & Customer Success Manager
~ Liz Adams - Communications Manager
~ Alejandra - Operations Assistant

With love and gratitude,

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