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Modernizing How We Breastfeed

Discover the convenience of freeze-dried breast milk for working parents. Milk by Mom is your partner in modernizing infant nutrition. We offer a breast milk freeze-drying service that brings together the convenience of formula with all the goodness of breast milk.

  • Preserve Nutritional Value

  • Improve Taste
    (by deactivating lipase)

  • Convenient!

  • Travel Friendly

“I don't stress about my breast milk expiring, my husband or other family members can feed my baby when I'm at work ... it's one of the best concepts out there for nursing moms and more women need to use this system.”
— Courtney

We Understand Working Moms

Meet Tirza, the driving force behind Milk by Mom. While navigating the challenges of being a full-time working mom with two daughters under the age of 2, Tirza discovered the convenience of breast milk freeze-drying. This revelation, born from her own experiences, led her to create Milk by Mom — a company dedicated to making this revolutionary service widely accessible.

Revolutionize Breast Milk Preservation

Freeze drying is a process that transforms frozen breast milk into powder through a method known as sublimation. When parents or caregivers need it, they simply add water (with quantity guidance provided) to restore it to its liquid form.

The Superior Choice

Freeze-dried breast milk is a game-changer. It preserves nutrients and antibodies better than traditional freezing. It remains shelf-stable for up to three years and is trusted by milk banks worldwide. Plus, it's incredibly convenient, whether moms are at home or on the move.

Join Us in Empowering Working Parents

Tirza's firsthand experience as our very first customer drove her passion for this service. Her goal is to educate and empower parents across the nation, transforming how we nourish breastfed babies.

We believe in the power of partnerships. By offering Milk by Mom's freeze-drying service to your employees, you can help us reach more moms, especially those balancing breastfeeding and work. Let's make a positive impact together!

Tirza would love to connect with you and explore how we can bring the benefits of Milk by Mom to your organization's employees. Schedule a 15-minute call with her in the next two weeks, and let's discuss this incredible opportunity.

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“It’s such a comfort to know that if my husband or a caregiver is watching my baby boy while I’m at work, he can still get my milk with the convenience of formula.”

— Stephanie